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Lavish Home Flickering Flameless LED Candles

Glowing Ambiance: The Radiance of LED Candles Illuminating Modern Living

In the modern life style quest for creating cozy and inviting atmospheres within our homes, LED candles have emerged as the epitome of contemporary illumination. Far beyond their wax-and-wick counterparts, these artificial flames are not only flameless but also offer a spectrum of colors and designs, redefining the ambiance of any space. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of LED candles, discovering how they are transforming our living spaces into havens of warm, radiant light.

Mood Lighting Redefined: Customizable Hues for Every Occasion

Lavish Home Flickering Flameless LED Candles  apart is their ability to transform the mood of a room with a simple touch. With a spectrum of customizable colors, these candles offer versatility to suit any occasion. From soothing blues for a calm evening to vibrant reds for festive celebrations, the ambiance is at your fingertips. Dimmable options also provide the perfect lighting for a romantic dinner or a  date or a cozy movie night, all without leaving your seat.

About this item

BrandLavish Home
Product Dimensions3″D x 3″W x 6″H


Decorate your home or office with  the large LED Candles with Birch Bark, make the room warm, hot and natural.

Candles with Remote Control and Timer

This multi colors artificial LED Candles Light is perfect for adding a touch of light and warmth. We can gift it to any loves one like a new Year 2024. Lights are clear & bright.  We can use it to our homes, wedding gift, party gift or we can use in a  garden, bedroom and in a  living room

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